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5 Website Design Tips to Convert Visitors into Confirmed Leads

Websites have become ubiquitous in running a business. Every store, brand, and business these days has some form of an online presence, the most basic and easy-to-set up version of which would be a website. In this article you will find the best website design tips to convert visitors into confirmed leads.

Website Design Tips to Convert Visitors into Confirmed Leads

But while most businesses view websites as a generic necessity, leading web developers recognize them as the business opportunity they really are. When built, optimized, and promoted right, websites can help generate tons of confirmed leads and revenue. That’s something your business can certainly take advantage of; but as a business owner, how can you extract all this value from seemingly low-quality traffic?

The answer is clever web design. The key is to design your website to do the selling and conversion for you. Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on to find out the top web design tips leading web development companies use to convert visitors into confirmed leads.

Website Design tips for converting visitors into leads

Web design that converts can be really challenging. Designers need to constantly stay ahead of what is popular and accepted when building sites that convert. They also need an acute understanding of customer pain points and desires, which they then use to inform their design process.

But all things considered, developing a website that converts visitors into leads is all about achieving two things: the first one is attracting the right audience, and the second one is having your website do most of your selling for you. So let’s break these down into further detail.

If you don’t want to do everything by yourself then we recommend contacting a reputable web development company.

How to attract high-quality traffic to your website?

If you wish to sell products and services via your website, you’ll need to attract the type of users that are willing to buy from you. It really is that simple! How do you do that, you’ll ask? As a marketer, content marketing and SEO can be your best friend if you are looking to develop a long term conversion funnel on your website.

When building content for your website, focus on a holistic approach. Create long-form, value-driven content that educates and entertains your audience. This will help you establish yourself as an authority within your niche. Original and quality-oriented content, designed to add value to your audience will not just educate your users about your products and services, but will also help them develop trust and confidence in you as a brand.

Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand. As digital marketers, we cannot improve a site’s content without focusing on its SEO. For the uninitiated, SEO is meant to improve your site’s visibility, making it more accessible to search engines. You’ll need at least a basic level of search engine optimization to get organic traffic coming to your website. Content curation and SEO, therefore, are the first steps towards building a high conversion site. After all, you need to have traffic on your website in the first place before you convert it.

How to design a website that does the selling for you?

Now let’s talk about the real design principles that can help you build a website that converts. The first step is to ensure clear and unambiguous messaging across your website. This means that as a user, from the moment I click on a link that leads to your site, your business and purpose should be clear to me. Businesses lose tons and tons of relevant traffic simply on account of ambiguous messaging, and you need to avoid that at all costs.

Another major aspect here is branding. It’s easy to communicate what products or services you sell, but it’s a whole different game to establish yourself as the market leader in the said categories. This is where branding comes in. Using a bunch of different tools and techniques like content marketing, displaying user reviews and testimonials, publishing in-depth market research, etc., brands can express themselves as being authoritative within their niche. This is crucial for generating buyer’s confidence which is the basis for every purchase and conversion.

Another sure-shot way of converting potentially interested leads into confirmed ones is CTAs. Call-to-action prompts have been proven to be excellent at improving conversions on any website. Although brands need to be subtle and clever with how they place these. Using strategic CTAs on top of establishing yourself as a market leader can make all the difference when it comes to converting traffic on your website.

Technical tips for maximizing conversions

Beyond just the macro-level dos and don’t, tiny optimization can also significantly boost your site’s conversion rate. Here are a few technical tips to help you maximize your site’s conversion:

Site speed

Arguably one of the most important factors to keep in mind when building websites. Slow websites can be a huge turn-off, meaning if your site fails to load in time, you’ll lose most of your traffic. Although building and optimizing a site for speed isn’t always easy, which is why brands shouldn’t shy away from considering professional web developers to get the job done.

Bounce rates

It’s not just enough to have traffic; instead, you need visitors to stay and engage with your site. Experiments with analytical metrics like bounce rates and average page sessions can give you valuable insights into how users use your website. To sum up, try keeping your bounce rate as low as possible.

Smooth checkout

Simply getting a user to hit the buy button isn’t enough. You’ll need them to complete the checkout process if you wish to seal the deal. The best way to minimize shopping cart abandonment is to make your checkout process as smooth as possible.

Visual and appealing design

Looks matter, especially in the digital world. Take the time to design an appealing website and an interactive UI that engages your audience.

Get in touch quick

Make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you in case they need any help with potential purchases or products. This is critical for maximizing buyer’s confidence and goes a long way when converting leads into sales.


Building a website that draws in a ton of traffic isn’t easy, let alone building one that actually converts. But with a bit of resourcefulness and clever design practices, it is surely achievable.

When maximizing conversions on your site, remember to invest in content marketing and SEO to drive quality traffic to your site. Convert the said quality traffic with clear messaging, solid branding, and strategic CTAs. Make sure your site loads quickly with a low bounce rate. Smother checkout and an appealing web design help out too.

But if all of that seems like a lot of work your business isn’t equipped to handle at the moment, hiring a top mobile app development company can be the right option for you. Hope you liked our website design tips and will come back again to read our blogs.

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